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Let's End Period Stigma among young women in Belize.

What can we do?

Periods are normal, not shameful. Openly talk about periods so that no one feels embarrassed or ashamed.

Why should we talk about it?

  • Communication can help to both contribute and tackle stigma and shame around periods. Girls and young women should not have to hide period products, feel embarrassed about purchasing them, or not be able to access them at all.

  • When girls and young women feel uncomfortable or self-conscious, they are less likely to participate in their education and other activities, and if they do, they are likely to feel distracted and will not be able to reach their full potential.

  • The silence that surrounds menstruation has disproportionate consequences for women and girls.

  • Menstruation is often overlooked and forgotten in local reports and programmes addressing the health needs of girls and women.

We stand with our sisters.


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If you're interested to learn more, we invite you to Visit the UN Women website for more information on periods and ending period stigma and prejudice.

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