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Dream Up Campaign Video 2021 FINAL
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Every young woman deserves the chance to dream.

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Dear Girls,     

Like you... I am finding my way.

The pandemic hasn't made it any easier, but despite it all, we must keep going.


Covid-19 has affected many of us differently. For some, the lack of socialization has affected their mental stability, and for others, their financial support has been taken away.

For many, it's exacerbated by the fact that many parents are out of jobs, and the only focus is providing food - everything else is a luxury.

So whoever you are and wherever you may be, know that as girls, we are strong, and we are in this together.

Please accept this small token of solidarity. I'm pleased to have gotten help from family and friends to raise funds for this initiative under the Dream Up Campaign.


- Salima 

What we've learned during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Being alive is a privilege!

Tell your family & friends you love them. Be kind all the time!

Don’t compare yourself to others.

NOT your body! NOT skin color! NOT hair! It only prevents you from seeing your own beauty & potential!

Take time for your mental health.

Play a sport, or a musical instrument. Just do something you enjoy doing.


Read. Sleep. Exercise.
Hydrate. Breathe.

Let's End Period Stigma Together

Learn more about the importance of talking about menstruation, and how, as young women, this can impact our mental and physical health.

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